How To Choose A PPR Pipe To Be Suitable For Housing Projects

- Saving and using energy efficiently are being posed to many countries in the world. In Vietnam, under the condition that hydropower projects have been fully exploited and thermal power projects face the pressure of environmental pollution, the development of renewable energy sources is considered as a development direction. sustainable development of the energy sector.

New development direction of Vietnam's energy industry

- According to the Vietnam Clean Energy Association, our country is one of the countries with the most sunshine in the world solar radiation chart. In the Central Highlands and South Central provinces, the number of sunny hours is from 2,000 to 2,600 hours / year. The average solar radiation is 150 kcal / m2, accounting for about 2,000-5,000 hours / year. Bringing high-quality solar energy into use in businesses, factories are contributing to effectively solving the problem of saving energy and preserving the environment.

- Compared with other natural sources, solar power has outstanding advantages. To produce 1MW of electricity only needs 1 hectare of space and can be deployed in all regions of the country, especially the use of roof-mounted panels. In addition, the cost of installation and payback period of solar power are gradually becoming more reasonable compared to the long-term benefits that this solution brings, making more and more households and especially businesses interested. investment mind.

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Again, the contractor exchange exchange program was organized by CP.C in the Lang Son area on May 8, 2018, still focusing on the value of creating exchange space - providing suggestions on electricity and water technology. such as receiving all comments from the contractor team of contractors to make DISMY Plumbing more complete.